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Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Utilising high-power pressure washers, we specialise in cleaning various exterior surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, patio slabs, brick paving, imprinted concrete and many others

Male in worn jeans and wellies using a pressure washer to clean a paved residential patio
cleaning dirty patio with pressure washer

Driveway cleaning

With a specialisation in the pressure washing of hard surfaces, we stand out in effectively removing algae, weed, and moss from patios, driveways, and block paving. Our pride lies in maintaining a reputation for delivering high quality pressure wash cleaning services. To ensure optimal results, we employ the latest high-pressure and steam cleaning equipment.

Whether you're dealing with oil stains or tackling stubborn marks on your patio or driveway, you can count on us. We provide a comprehensive sealing service for blockwork, ensuring a thorough solution for your needs.

Patio cleaning

In our patio and driveway cleaning services, we utilise professional high-pressure jet washing machines equipped with a high-performance rotary surface cleaner. This method enables us to efficiently remove surface grime, algae, moss, lichen, weeds, and oil stains. After completing a thorough cleaning, we also provide the option to treat the surface with an algaecide/fungicide, preventing the re-growth of algae and lichen. This treatment ensures that your driveway or patio stays cleaner for an extended period.

In addition to driveway cleaning, we also offer gutter and roof cleaning services.

Male in worn jeans and wellies using a pressure washer to clean a paved residential patio
Caucasian Men in his 30s Cleaning Garden Paths and Driveway Using Professional Pressure Wa

Pressure washing

A professional pressure washing service has the capability to effectively remove dirt, oil stains, and mould from nearly any exterior surface using a high-pressure washer. When executed properly, this process revitalises the surface, leaving it looking new and fresh. It's crucial to address the build up of dirt and debris, especially under the siding of your home, as even if not visible, it can pose significant issues. Persistent dampness in the debris provides an optimal environment for the growth of mould and mildew, potentially affecting the health of your family. If you're looking to enhance the exterior of your house, a pressure wash is an excellent starting point. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let's discuss how we can bring a fresh and revitalised look to your home.

driveway cleaning
patio cleaning
Power Cleaning Using Pressure Washer. Men Washing Garden Paths
If your driveway or patio is in need of cleaning, give us a call today for a free quote 07368 345016
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