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High-pressure cleaner, terrace

We offer pressure and steam wash services designed to eliminate even the most stubborn stains from your patio or driveway

For a no obligation free quote  call us today 07368 345016

We will to restore your driveway to its pristine condition, making it look like new again

We offer affordable and reliable pressure washing and steam washing services in Waterlooville. We are the experts when it comes to providing driveway and patio cleaning services.

In addition to our expertise in pressure washing, we extend our services to include thorough gutter cleaning and fascia cleaning.


Should you encounter issues with your gutter, our team is equipped to not only clean but also undertake gutter repairs as needed.


Trust us to address the full spectrum of your exterior cleaning and maintenance requirements, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition.

Operator cleaning the streets with water
High Pressure Washing
If your driveway or patio needs a clean contact us today for a free consultation 07368 345016

Our driveway cleaning & repair services

Drive way & patio cleaning

We specialise in the cleaning of driveways and patios, employing cutting edge equipment to ensure that impurities are effectively removed from your driveway, leaving it looking like when it was new again.

Gutter cleaning

If your gutters are obstructed with debris, leaves, or any other blockages, our services include a comprehensive solution to clear and clean them. We employ effective techniques and tools to ensure the thorough removal of any obstructions, allowing your gutters to function efficiently.

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter an

Fascia & gutter repairs

We undertake gutter and fascia repairs as part of our services. Whether there are damages, deterioration, or issues with your fascia and soffit components, our team is equipped to take on.

Why choose us?

We take pride in delivering exceptional results and ensuring a stress-free experience for our customers when pressure washing driveways or patios. Here are additional reasons to choose us for your next outdoor cleaning project:

1.    Expertise: Our team comprises of highly trained professionals with years of experience in the driveway cleaning industry. We possess the know how to effectively and safely clean various surfaces, ranging from concrete driveways to wooden decks.

2.    Quality equipment: We utilise high-quality professional pressure washing equipment to ensure optimal results. Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and updates to guarantee it is in excellent condition.

3.    Competitive pricing: Our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services come with competitive pricing without compromising quality. We believe in making clean and beautiful outdoor spaces accessible to everyone.

Our distinguishing factor lies in our dedication to comprehending the distinct challenges presented by the local environment. Having accumulated years of expertise in the pressure washing industry, we have refined our abilities to encompass not only cleaning but also sealing exterior hard surfaces. We acknowledge that these surfaces contribute not only to the aesthetics of your property but also play a crucial role in ensuring safety and longevity.

Roof Cleaning

If you require roof or gutter cleaning contact us today 073683 45016

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